Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are using an overhead thermal infrared sensor to count people. The device is mounted on the ceiling above an entrance and detects the heat of people passing underneath within the sensing area. The sensing area is a square on the floor and the width approximately equal to mounting height.
We are currently developing batteries to last over a year with docking stations to make recharging as simple as possible.
People counter are beneficial for multiple industries:
  • Property, Facility and Building Management (University, Corporate Office, Construction, Public Spaces): plan rooms according to usage, reduce energy consumption, tie security concepts and cleaning schedules to utilisation, inform future capital works
  • Transport (bus, ferry, train): Plan routes according to usage, inform future investments in fleet, avoid congestion
  • Retail and Hospitality (store, bar, restaurant, night club): Assess impact of marketing campaigns, calculate conversion rate, plan staff accordingly, determine capacity limits and comply with safety regulation
Every human body emits heat which is visible through infrared rays. Our sensor only detects those infrared rays which contain no privacy related information meaning that we do not gather data about people’s gender, age, ethnicity or even behaviour. We only care about how many people are using a monitored space, not who. Therefore, we only see IN and OUT counts in our database. In the digital era where governments and citizens are more concerned about their privacy than ever before, we think it is important to maintain and protect people’s privacy rights. Furthermore, we help enterprises to reduce business risks and comply with data regulation standards such as General Data Protection Regulation and to avoid being affected by facial recognition bans issued by city councils (article to facial recognition ban in San Francisco here.
We operate our cloud-based solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and are able to integrate our data into your IoT platform or enterprise architecture upon request.

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