Two powerful devices made for enterprises



Permanent, hard-wired People Counter


Flexible, wireless People Counter

Protects occupants privacy
Real-time occupancy
Goes hand in hand with your facility design
POE connectivity
Wi-Fi connectivity
No power outlet needed
Flexible mounting
Sustainable, rechargeable batteries
3 month battery life
1 year battery life in development
LoRa connectivity in development

Through the Lens of Our Thermal Sensor

The footage shows the thermal infrared stream and the heat changes once people go through a doorway. This enables the device to track direction flows and count people while protecting their privacy.

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Cloud-Based Visuals

Enjoy the remote access anywhere with your very own dashboard web application. Using this you'll be able to gain deep insights into your data in an easy to understand and recognisable format.

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Use your data effectively

With our technology you can save on operating costs, allowing you to maximise your spending on what really matters. Get in contact with us and we'll tailor a solution to your needs.